CASCO insurance

Modern lifestyle on roads needs full safety coverage that Your life flow won't change and You can be quickly back on the road if You get in an accident in daily traffic or someone bumped your car in shopping centre parking. We do believe that miracles happen but don't count on them. Balcia CASCO is worth every kilometre for your peace of mind!

All risk casco covers

Car accidents on roads, traffic caused by You or others
Covers damage cause by fire
Theft of the car or its parts
Other sudden and unexpected events
Nature caused accidents
wide territorial range
Losses caused by third parties
we can insure car accessories

6 reasons


You need Balcia CASCO insurance - lets drive through the facts

Car repair in service without a headache because we will manage everything that You don't have to.
We can insure additional car accesories.
Excellent partner list from where You can choose to repair your car damage
Option to choose money instead of car repairing in service
Covers car theft or pieces from cars like mirrors
Covers nature caused accidents