In this Terms of Use, we set out the terms and conditions for the use of the Balcia Website, through which we provide services electronically.

The Balcia Website, or simply our "Website", is an information and service portal that enables You to use the services we indicate below. You can find it at: .

This document constitutes the Terms of Use within the meaning of Article 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means.

We, i.e. Balcia Insurance SE Spółka Europejska Oddział w Polsce, Aleje Jerozolimskie 136, 02-305 Warsaw, branch of the foreign entrepreneur Balcia Insurance SE, 63 K. Valdemara Street, Riga, LV-1142, Latvia (hereinafter simply "Balcia"). As a Branch, we are registered in the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division, under KRS No.: 0000493693, NIP 108-001-65-34, REGON 147065333. Balcia Insurance SE with its registered eat in Riga is registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia under No. 40003159840 and has a share capital of EUR 20,050,200, fully paid in.

You are the User, i.e. the natural person who uses the Website to obtain information about our products and also to conclude an insurance contract with us.

This Terms of Use are available to You on the Website at: . When providing the service of concluding an insurance contract, this Terms of Use are sent even before the insurance contract is concluded, to the e-mail address You indicated in the form.

By using Our Website You accept this Terms of Use. By proceeding to use the services provided by Balcia, You enter into an agreement with Us for the provision of electronic services, without the need to draw up a separate contract.

The use of the functionalities of the Website is free of charge. Subject, of course, to the need to pay a premium if You wish to enter into an insurance contract with Us.

You shall bear the costs of the data transmission required for the launch and use of the Website on Your own, on the basis of contracts concluded with telecommunications operators or other Internet service providers. You are also fully responsible for the charges for the use of the data transmission required to use the Website.

Please note that the Website and all materials and information contained therein and the layout of the presented content, as well as logos, graphic elements and trademarks, are our property and subject to legal protection. We kindly ask You to respect our property.


Through the Website, we provide services to enable You to:

  • to conclude insurance contracts (we have described the details of how to use this service for You below),
  • access to an online forms for remote handling of selected issues – this allows You to inform us about the sale or purchase of Your vehicle, changes to Your policy details and can also be used to terminate Your insurance contract;
  • access to an online forms for remote claims submission – this allows You to notify us of an incident and provide us with the documents necessary to process Your claim,
  • access to an online remote complaints form – this allows You to quickly and efficiently submit a complaint relating to the services or operations provided by us,
  • access to an online form to remotely apply for Balcia's recruitment process – this will enable You to register Your interest to participate in our recruitment processes.


The Website allows You to conclude an insurance contract "on line".

To conclude an insurance contract with us, You are required to:

  1. read the information on the Website,
  2. answer the questions asked in the form – this will enable us to determine Your requirements and needs and to present You with an insurance offer that is in line with them,
  3. get acquainted with the general terms and conditions of insurance (hereinafter referred to as T&C), IPID, GDPR information obligation, which we will send to You before conclusion of the insurance contract, to the e-mail address You indicate in the form,
  4. complete the necessary data in the form,
  5. check a summary and familiarise Yourself with the offer,
  6. pay the premium.

If, on the basis of the information provided to us, it proves impossible to provide an offer or conclude an insurance contract, You will be informed about it.

If, on the basis of the information provided to us, the conclusion of an insurance contract is possible and You pay the premium, we will send You a policy as a confirmation of the conclusion of an insurance contract with us, to the e-mail address You indicate in the form.

We will conclude the insurance contract provided that You are not subject to financial sanctions or suspected of terrorism. If we discover that You, the Policyholder or his/her attorney or the Insured are on the sanction list, we will cancel the insurance contract within 14 days of its conclusion by notifying You about it. If, during the term of the insurance contract, it becomes apparent that You, the Policyholder or the Policyholder's attorney or the Insured are included in the sanction list, we will take the action we are obliged to take under the relevant regulations.

Detailed rules for the conclusion of the insurance contract, including the period for which it may be concluded and the terms and conditions of its execution, including the rights and obligations of the parties, the description of the benefits to which You are entitled and the procedure for pursuing claims in connection with the occurrence of an insured event are set out in the T&C.


In order to use the Website correctly You must:

  1. have an e-mail address to receive and send e-mail messages,
  2. have a mobile phone number that can be used to receive and send SMS messages,
  3. use the latest version of the Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Opera browser;
  4. have Javascript enabled in Your browser;
  5. have the necessary cookies enabled in Your browser.

We secure the Website with an SSL certificate, i.e. a "secure socket layer".

We are not responsible for any difficulties to the use of or inability to use the Website resulting from the malfunction of Your equipment or Your failure to comply with the technical requirements.

As a User, You are responsible for all costs associated with providing the technical conditions that allow You to access the Website.

Please be aware that there are risks associated with the use of the Website, such as the possibility of third parties gaining access to data transmitted over the network or stored on Your computer, which may result in data loss, alteration or inability to use our services. Keep this in mind when using the Website.


We make every effort and carry out technical supervision to ensure that the Website operates correctly and without disruption.

In special cases affecting the security or stability of the Website, we have the right to temporarily discontinue or restrict the provision of services, without prior notice, and to carry out maintenance work to restore the security and stability of the Website.

We shall not be liable for any interruption of service resulting from failures or instances of malfunction of the Website that are beyond our control.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we have the right to discontinue the Website at any time if such a reasonable request is made to us by an Internet provider or other authorised entity.

We shall not be liable for damages caused by malfunctions of the transmission system, including equipment failures, delays and disruptions in the transmission of information.

As a User, You are obliged to comply with the prohibition of the misuse of electronic communications and the delivery by or to our ICT systems of content:

  1. causing a disturbance or overload of the Website or other entities directly or indirectly involved in the provision of electronic services,
  2. inconsistent with generally applicable law, infringing the rights of third parties, generally accepted social norms, moral or decency, insulting or violating anyone's dignity.

We reserve the right to discontinue the provision of services in the event that You are found to be in breach of this Terms of Use or the applicable laws.


If You have any objections to the services We provide, as a Website User You may lodge a complaint.

Complaints may be made in: (i) in writing – by letter to our address: Aleje Jerozolimskie 136,02-305 Warsaw, (ii) verbally – in person for a record during a visit to our premises, or by telephone by calling +48 222 742 222,(iii) electronically – by sending an e-mail to:, or by filling in the electronic form located at:

We shall process Your complaint immediately, however, no later than within 30 days from the date of its receipt.

In particularly complicated cases, which make it impossible to consider the complaint and provide a response within 30 days, we will inform You of the expected time limit for considering the complaint and providing a response, not longer than 60 days from the day of receiving the complaint, explaining the reason for the delay and indicating the circumstances we need to establish in order to consider the case. We will inform You of the above in writing – either by registered mail or by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint.

We will respond to Your complaint in writing, unless You request it to be delivered by e-mail.

If You are a consumer and do not agree with our response, You can apply to the Financial Ombudsman ( for a review of Your case. You may also request the assistance of the locally competent County (City) Consumer Ombudsman.


We reserve the right to change this Terms of Use. The User's use of the Website and services after the Term of Use have been amended shall be deemed to constitute acceptance thereof.

In matters not regulated by this Terms of Use, the provisions of the common Polish law shall apply, in particular the Civil Code.

This Terms of Use are available on the Website at:

Terms of Use are valid as of 4.11.2022.