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We have traveled the world with you and searched through over a thousand plans to find the right travel insurance packaging for any trip You will have! No matter where your next adventure takes you - simple , easy and smart packed insurance will cover you for your peace of mind.
Medical Expenses
Expenses covered: L XL XXL
Transportation to and from a medical facility
Urgent medical help
Medical tests
Medical expenses
Medical help in case of pregnancy complications
Urgent dental help
Medical help in case of health problems caused by a pandemic
Repair of damaged glasses, hearing aids, dental prosthesis
Cleaning, repair of clothes that have been soiled or damaged
Phone bills
Expenses related to relative's arrival and stay abroad
Expenses for accompanying person's journey
Medical transportation
Transportation expenses of minor children
Body repatriation
Accident Insurance
Expenses covered: L XL XXL
Baggage Insurance
Expenses covered: L XL XXL
Delay of baggage checked-in
Damage or loss of baggage checked-in
Damage of baggage in a road traffic accident
Loss of baggage due to a burglary or a bobbery
Civil Liability Insurance
Expenses covered: L XL XXL
Property interests of third parties related to the damage caused to them or their property

8 reasons


Why you need Balcia travel insurance


trip cancelation

Costs of loss of connecting flight

Lost baggage

cancelled flight

Treatment costs

Legal help

Medical assistance