love begins at home

House combo property insurance

Home is not a place, it is a feeling.

Everyone has a place we call & feel home, and it's no matter if you have a big house or a small apartment in the countryside or big city. This is the place where people usually feel happier and safe from the outside world.

And what happens when something breaks? A washing machine suddenly breaks and floods your and your neighbour’s apartment? Or, when you are at home and kids somehow playing with toys broke the newest TV? That all can be fixed and in two ways: one - by yourself and second option - we will take care of it if you have our home insurance.

And even let's not talk about what could happen when you are travelling or leaving your summer/winter home for a longer time and natural disasters or any different accident could happen. We don't want to scare you - we just want you to think about what you can do for your own and family peace & safety.

The choice is Yours

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8 reasons


it's worth it

Home Assistance available 24/7
Insuring Movable property outside the address, Your insurance is valid in entire territory of World
Wide All risk insurance cover
Civil Liability insurance daily actions will be covered in territory of Poland
Private Liability Insurance covers You and Your Relative’s daily actions
Don’t need any list of insured Movable Property
You can insure Damages what caused by tenants
Many free of charge coverage